Tables for washing and toilet posthumous

  • Tables for washing and toilet posthumous

  • The table is designed for washing and post-mortem care of corpses. The structure and equipment of the table guarantee conditions for performing a full autopsy. The table is made of high-grade acid-proof stainless steel type 1.4301 according to the European standard EN 10088.

    The table is available in 2 versions: with adjustable (hydraulically or electrically) or fixed height, with a solid base secured to the floor. The table is equipped with a series of labour saving devices that make an autopsy easier to perform, namely a high-speed colloid mill for hydration of soft particles.

    A standard table is equipped with a set of medical taps (one at the sink chamber, the other – a shower head – for working at the tabletop), a mobile, removable extension for autopsy tools or organs, 2 power sockets, a set of perforated baffles and headrests. The tabletop can also be adapted for connecting to a ventilation system.

    • Modern structure made of high-grade acid-proof stainless steel 1.4301 (EN 10088) confirmed by quality certificates
    • A bipartite worktop of the table, consisting of a sink bowl and a work area
    • Fixed-height tabletop with a fixed or hydraulically/electrically adjusted base
    • A high-speed colloid mill installed under the worktop drainage zone, equipped with a control switch (push buttons)
    • A system of sprinkling the worktop to wash its surface or provide better conditions for the operation of the mill
    • A set of medical taps: one for the drain sink, the other for the shower, with a flexible hose and a shower head with a locking mechanism
    • A set of water and sewage as well as electrical connectors (two 230 V sockets for autopsy tools)
    • A set of removable perforated baffles to work with the body
    • A set of metal and plastic headrests to work with the skull
    • A removable extension for sectioning organs and storing autopsy tools, with a basket for the tools
    • The entire worktop is designed to be connected to an exhaust ventilation system (a ventilation suction duct is then required in the floor)
    • The materials used to manufacture the table and its equipment allow for the use of a wide range of cleaning and disinfection agents