Individual Refrigeration and Freezing Chambers

  • Individual consultations

  • The device is of high quality and constructed in accordance with EU standards, i.e. the chamber interior and equipment: trays, shelves and brackets are made of acid-proof stainless materials confirmed by the relevant approvals and certificates. The housing of the chamber is made with the use of advanced technology (CAM-LOCK connectors) that enables customizing the space for a body.

    The chamber is insulated with a 100-millimetre thick layer of ecological polyurethane (PU) foam. The cooling door of the chamber is made of plastic (polyester reinforced with fibreglass) with light grey or grey PU insulation. The door material exceptionally resistant to potential impact of a tray or other mechanical damage.

    Every door has a cylinder lock offering an option of safe opening from the inside. Corpses are stored on special trays that can be inserted into a multi-level case in the chamber. A modern, energy-efficient refrigeration device guarantees automatic maintenance of the desired temperature range of -5 °C to +5 °C, and its refrigerant complies with applicable quality requirements.

    The chamber is a guarantee of modern design and technological solutions, which is confirmed by the relevant EC declarations of conformity and certificates. The chamber complies with the following EU directives: 73/23/EEC, 98/37/EC, 93/42/EEC.

    • A modern rack system for storage of the bodies – a system of multi-level shelves and trays for coffins, made of high grade acid proof stainless steel, confirmed by quality certificates.
    • High standard of housing – entirely made of acid-proof stainless steel materials, core of the housing made of PU foam; this solution ensures maximum energy savings and comfort of use.
    • Modular design of prefabricated chamber elements ensures flexible choice of their capacity and functional systems. The system of CAM-LOCK connectors enables repeated disassembly and assembly of the chamber housing.
    • Refrigeration and freezing devices are equipped with R404A refrigerant and meet the requirements of the Geneva Convention for the protection of the atmosphere (ozone layer), which guarantees compliance with the EU guidelines for the protection of the environment. In addition, the refrigeration units are characterized by low power consumption – their sensor system controls the operation of units automatically, maintains the desired temperature, and defrosts automatically. Forced air circulation ensures a uniform temperature distribution throughout the entire chamber.
    • Thanks to the application of acid-proof stainless steel materials in the chamber and its equipment, a wide range of systems can be applied for the disinfection of the chambers. For example, the traditional system of spraying chemicals or innovative active mist (micro-diffusion) system can be used.
    • The cold store for the bodies is set on adjustable brackets, which facilitates cleaning and disinfection of the floor under the chamber.
    • The structure of the chamber floor and centrally located drains facilitate cleaning and disinfection of the chamber interior.
    • The chamber is equipped with racks to ensure easy loading and unloading of the bodies.
    • Door opening angle of 180° enables safe loading of bodies into the chamber.
    • The chamber is cooled with a monoblock refrigeration and freezing unit of type wall/ceiling COMPACT.
    • The chamber is cooled with a refrigeration and freezing split-type air conditioner (ceiling version).