Rezon s.c. Marcin Durski, Paweł Durski was founded in 2009 – it is a continuation of the family enterprise: Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo-Wykonawcze Rezon Andrzej Durski that has been present in the market of mortuary cold storage devices since 1995.

Our mission is to provide high quality equipment for posthumous handling of corpses in: dissection rooms, pre-funeral houses, mortuaries, mortuary cold storages, funeral undertakings and forensic medicine departments.

Thanks to many years of experience, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of devices for anatomical pathology, autopsy, veterinary autopsy and storage of bodies, including:

  • refrigeration and freezing chambers for corpses with body-trays or coffins
  • chambers with rack systems
  • autopsy tables, tables for post-mortem care
  • trolleys and systems for transportation and storage of corpses on trays and in coffins
  • fume hoods and formaldehyde vats
  • medical furniture
  • refrigeration catafalques

As a leader in the market, Rezon s.c. Marcin Durski, Paweł Durski company strives to set the standards of excellent customer service and high quality of the manufactured devices. This philosophy allows our company to grow and expand its business throughout the world.